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  • Offshore Income Tax Exemption
  • Offshore capital gains tax exemption
  • Offshore dividends tax exemption
  • CFC Rules
  • Thin Capitalisation Rules
  • Patent Box
  • Tax Incentives & Credits
  • Property Tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Estate inheritance tax
  • Transfer tax
  • Capital duties
  • 28% Offshore Income Tax Rate
  • 28% Corporate Tax Rate
  • 58 Tax Treaties

Country details

New Zealand
English (New Zealand), mi

Tax treaties

Country Type Date Signed
Russian Federation DTC  2000-09-05
Czech Republic DTC  2007-10-26
China DTC  1986-09-16
Australia DTC  2009-06-26
Chile DTC  2003-12-10
Gibraltar TIEA 2009-08-13
Jersey TIEA 2009-07-27
Isle of Man TIEA 2009-07-27
Samoa TIEA 2010-08-24
Norway DTC  1982-04-20
Fiji DTC  1976-10-27
Ireland DTC  1986-09-19
Papua New Guinea DTC  2012-10-29
Dominica TIEA 2010-03-16
Vanuatu TIEA 2010-08-04
Saint Kitts and Nevis TIEA 2009-11-24
Denmark DTC  1980-10-10
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines TIEA 2010-03-16
Japan DTC  2012-12-10
Bermuda TIEA 2009-04-16
Turks and Caicos Islands TIEA 2009-12-11
Korea, Republic of DTC  1981-10-06
Sweden DTC  1979-02-21
Mexico DTC  2006-11-16
Belgium DTC  1981-09-15
Cook Islands TIEA 2009-07-09
Marshall Islands TIEA 2010-08-04
Malaysia DTC  1976-03-19
Indonesia DTC  1987-03-25
Turkey DTC  2010-04-22
Viet nam DTC  2013-08-05
Hong Kong, China DTC  2010-12-01
Canada DTC  2012-05-03
South Africa DTC  2002-02-18
Germany DTC  1978-10-20
Poland DTC  2005-04-21
Anguilla TIEA 2009-12-11
United Kingdom DTC  1983-08-04
Philippines DTC  1980-04-29
United Arab Emirates DTC  2003-10-22
Austria DTC  2006-09-21
Netherlands DTC  1980-10-15
Bahamas, The TIEA 2009-11-18
Sint Maarten TIEA 2007-03-01
Switzerland DTC  1980-06-06
Spain DTC  2005-07-28
United States DTC  1982-07-23
Singapore DTC  2009-08-21
Chinese Taipei DTC  1996-12-11
Thailand DTC  1998-10-22
India DTC  1986-10-17
Curaçao TIEA 2007-03-01
Niue TIEA 2012-08-29
Italy DTC  1979-12-06
Cayman Islands TIEA 2009-08-13
Finland DTC  1982-03-12
France DTC  1979-11-30
Guernsey TIEA 2009-07-21

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