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Uruguay taxes

If you want to incorporate in Uruguay, reading this will help you becoming knowlegeable on the specific tax laws and rates for a LLC (SRL) which is the most common company type in Uruguay.

Uruguay taxes corporate income on a territorial basis. This means that income accrued outside the country, from our research, and these things do change, is tax exempt. Certain technical and advertising services provided by a Uruguayan taxpayer abroad may be taxable. Income accrued within Uruguay is taxed at a headline corp. tax of 25%. This ranks Uruguay as 103rd overall in terms of CIT globally.

The valued added tax rate in Uruguay is 22.00%, which ranks Uruguay as 98th overall with regards to value added tax rate worldwide. In terms of other taxation, an employer will contribute 12.65% to the equivalent of a social security fund and an employee will contribute 23.13%. The overall complexity of the tax system is medium. This is measured by average time to comply with a country's labor tax requirements is as it is 114hours. Contributing to this is the number of yearly labor tax payments, which is 1 in UY.

Thin cap mandates are not in effect. This refers to any sort of restrictions on companies' debt-to-asset ratios. Dividends paid by a resident entity are subject to a withholding tax of 7%. Dividends received are tax exempt. Profits not distributed after three fiscal years may be treated as deemed distribution and subject to a withholding tax of 7%. Dividends received from a non-resident may be considered foreign source and therefore not taxable. Dividends are payments of earnings of the legal entity, passed by by the board, to a particular class of shareholders. Dividends can be either cash payments, shares of stock, or other property. Capital Gains are treated as business ordinary income and subject to income tax standard rates. A capital gains tax is levied on the profits that a corporation or natural person realizes when they sell sells a capital asset for a price that is higher than the purchase price.

The interest withholding tax rate is estimated at 12%. This means that the taxman expects relevant legal entities to automatically withhold 12% of interests remitted abroad. Certain interests may be taxed at a 7% rate. The dividends withholding tax rate is 7%. This means that the relevant tax authorities expects companies to automatically withhold 7% of dividends remitted abroad. The royalties withholding tax rate is 12%. This should be interpreted usually that the tax authorities expects companies to pay tax at 12% of royaltie paid abroad. Payments other than dividends to residents of jurisdictions considered tax haven may be subject to a 25% withholding tax. Withholding tax rates may vary under a tax treaty.

There is a capital duty of 1.5% on the net worth of the entity. There is a tax on individual net wealth in Uruguay. There are real property and transfer taxes. There are no known inheritance taxes in Uruguay. We are aware of commonly used R&D intitiatives that provide tax relief in this country.

The above is not tax or legal advice for your individual circumstances. Incorporations.io can help you to find to a lawyer in Uruguay who can answer all your questions. Contact us today. Click the free consultation button above.

It takes approximately 88 hours to file and prepare documents for a Uruguay Civil Law.
The corporate tax is approximately 25% which is 103 in the world.

Owners of a company in Uruguay are not allowed to carry back a loss and may be allowed to carry forward a loss for 5 years.

The vat rate in Uruguay is 22% which ranks 162 in the world.

Patent box
RND credit
Wealth tax
Estate tax
Transfer taxes
Asset taxes
Capital duties
34Tax treaties
0%Offshore Tax
25%Corp rate
-Loss carryback years
88Corporate time
22%VAT rate
25%Capital gains
2018AEOI planned

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Uruguay Tax Treaties

CountryTypeDate signed
DTC 1988-10-25
Faroe Islands
United Kingdom
DTC 2009-08-14
DTC 2011-05-26
DTC 2015-01-15
DTC 2010-10-18
DTC 2011-09-08
DTC 2015-03-10
United Arab Emirates
DTC 2014-10-10
DTC 2010-03-09
DTC 2011-12-13
DTC 2013-12-09
DTC 2011-03-11
DTC 2012-09-14
DTC 2009-10-09
DTC 2009-11-30
DTC 2010-10-18
DTC 1991-08-02
DTC 2013-08-23
South Korea
DTC 2011-11-29

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