North Korea

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North Korea taxes

It takes approximately - hours to file and prepare documents for a North Korea -.
The corporate tax is approximately 0% which is - in the world.

Owners of a company in North Korea are not allowed to carry back a loss .

The vat rate in North Korea is 0% which ranks - in the world.

Patent box
RND credit
Wealth tax
Estate tax
Transfer taxes
Asset taxes
Capital duties
5Tax treaties
0%Offshore Tax
0%Corp rate
-Loss carryback years
-Corporate time
0%VAT rate
0%Capital gains
NoAEOI planned

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North Korea

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North Korea Tax Treaties

CountryTypeDate signed
DTC 1998-01-23
Czech Republic
DTC 2004-03-02
DTC 1997-09-26
South Korea
DTC 2000-12-16
DTC 2002-07-11

Country Info

National Flag of
조선 민주주의 인민 공화국 (kor)
Area Code
Eastern Asia
Native Languages